Northwest Driver Rehab
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Clinical Evaluation:

The clinical evaluation provides an objective assessment of the individual's potential to become a safe, independent driver. Functional abilities tested include:driver using adaptive driving equipment

Behind the Wheel Evaluation:

An on the road performance assessment in various driving environments is part of each evaluation. This may be done in the client's vehicle or our vehicle, depending on adaptive equipment needs. The client must have a valid drivers license or permit to participate in the behind-the-wheel evaluation.

Driver Training:

Training is available after the evaluation to improve driving skills and to learn to use adaptive equipment safely.

Vehicle Evaluation Modification/Prescription:

This service assists the referring party in identifying adaptive driving equipment for safe driving. A report is written that gives the client or counselor a document that can be used to send to mobility equipment dealers to bid on a vehicle conversion.driver using adaptive driving equipment

Older Driver Program:

We evaluate the driving capacities of older adults with the goal of increasing or maintaining independence and safety. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of vision, reaction time, perception and cognitive skills as well as a behind the wheel assessment. A written report details the recommendations following the evaluation.