Northwest Driver Rehab
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Who benefits from driver rehabilitation services?

We serve individuals that have a permanent or temporary disability who wish to return to driving . Disabilities may include:

Who can make referrals for your services?

Referrals can be initiated from any source including the client, family members, physicians, therapists, or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.

How do I make a referral?

The referring party can call us and we will get the necessary information to schedule the evaluation.  The referral form on this website can be used to expedite the process.  This can be sent by email or printed and faxed to us at 425-373-1320.

What is required for the evaluation?

Where does the evaluation and training take place?

To make it convenient for our clients, services are typically provided at the client’s residence.

Does Insurance or Medicare pay for Driver Rehabilitation Services?

No, insurance providers and Medicare don’t recognize driver rehabilitation as a medically necessary service.

How are services billed?

Fees are collected at the time services are delivered for self-pay clients. Please contact us to discuss the fee schedule.